Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

  • Three Things A Lawyer Can Do Regarding Your Claim For Disability Benefits

    If you have a disability that prevents you from doing the work you normally do or just doing any work at all, then you may be eligible for disability payments. However, there are certain rules concerning who is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, such as having paid into the Social Security system. But one of the biggest issues in getting approved for these payments is your particular disability. The following are a few ways that a Social Security Disability attorney can help overcome the barriers to receiving approval for benefits due to your health issue.

  • 3 Critical Questions That Will Affect Your Auto Accident Case

    Auto accidents can be life-changing events in more ways than one. In addition to devastating physical injuries and financial challenges, car crashes may lead to lawsuits and/or criminal charges. Whether you're an injured party seeking compensation or a defendant in an auto accident case, you need to conduct your side of the legal proceedings as effectively as possible. Here are three critical questions that you and your auto accident attorney will need to address as soon as the dust has settled on the accident site.

  • The Federal Tort Claims Act and Car Accidents

    Federal government vehicles are all over the roadways, including everything from tiny mail delivery trucks to big SUVs operated by the FBI. That means they can and do end up involved in accidents just like everyone else's vehicles. When folks sit down with an auto accident attorney to discuss such cases, though, they're often surprised to learn that the rules are different when it comes to the government. Let's take a look at how that fact might impact your claim.

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