Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Three Things A Lawyer Can Do Regarding Your Claim For Disability Benefits

Dale Watkins

If you have a disability that prevents you from doing the work you normally do or just doing any work at all, then you may be eligible for disability payments. However, there are certain rules concerning who is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, such as having paid into the Social Security system. But one of the biggest issues in getting approved for these payments is your particular disability. The following are a few ways that a Social Security Disability attorney can help overcome the barriers to receiving approval for benefits due to your health issue.

They can establish that you have a qualifying disability

Every qualifying disability you can imagine is stated by the Social Security Disability office, along with the specific definitions of these disabilities. An attorney can, with a series of questions, help determine if you have a qualifying disability. There is no sense in attempting to persuade them that you have a qualifying issue, at least for those medical problems that are visible. But there are many internal medical problems that can prevent you from working. These include mental issues. One consultation with an attorney, and you can find out if your medical problem will qualify.

They can assist in documenting your disability

The Social Security Disability office will want convincing evidence of your medical issue. This will include a variety of reports, test results, x-rays, or any other evidence that will establish that you have the disability that you claim to have. Although some disabilities may seem straightforward, it is an attorney who will know exactly what is required. Insufficient documentation is one of the most common reasons for a rejected claim.

They can help to reduce any red flags

There are many people who file claims believing they should receive benefits, but they are rejected because they are not legally entitled to them. However, there are many fraudulent applications, so the Social Security Disability office is vigilant in defending against fraud. The smallest of warning, signs and your claim can be rejected. An attorney has the experience in knowing what will alert the government, so he or she can make sure that your application and all the supporting documentation are submitted properly.

The best way to reduce your chances of a rejection of disability benefits is to first consult with a lawyer. One consultation will let you know if you have a qualifying medical condition. After this, a disability lawyer can assist you in documenting your condition, and finally, he or she can help with the application, so there is nothing suspicious about the filing.


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