Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Getting Ready For An Initial Consultation With An Auto Accident Lawyer

Dale Watkins

How you prepare for your initial consultation with an auto accident lawyer can make the difference between having your case picked up and having an attorney pass over your claim. When you show up to your consultation with minimal information, it will be difficult for an attorney to decide whether to take your case or not. if you provide documentation that outlines your auto accident and clearly identifies all of your injuries, you have a better chance of moving forward with your claim. As you gather information to bring to your appointment, keep in mind that your potential attorney doesn't know your case and may want to look over records before making a decision whether to pursue your claim.

Your Accident Report and Witness Statements

Any officials that respond to the scene of your accident will write up an accident report. If there are witnesses, they may provide statements as to what occurred to cause the accident. Your own statement can also be valuable, so write down the accident from your perspective. Bring a copy of any accident reports and witness statements with you to give the auto accident attorney you meet with an idea of what happened.

Medical Records for Your Injuries

Treatment at the emergency room, office visits, and all testing that has been done should be included in the file you prepare for an initial consultation. If you have a history of similar injuries, bring any previous medical records with you as well. You can file a personal injury claim, even if you have a history of a similar injury, but it will require some careful scrutiny of your medical records. You will want to bring treatment notes with you, as well as any documentation that states the severity of your injuries.

Your Current Functioning and Daily Record

Write down how you are feeling every day, even if this is only for your own records. Your auto accident attorney will want to read this journal to better understand your current situation. Describe your pain, your mood, and any complications to treatment. Keep track of any medical treatment you receive and whether the treatment is helpful or not.

As you prepare for your consultation with an auto accident attorney, bring any information you think will help. Your attorney will look over your documents and ask for further clarification if necessary. The more clarity you can provide regarding your accident and injuries, the easier it is to evaluate your case.


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