Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

How Personal Injury Representation Can Strengthen Your Case To Get The Compensation You Need

Dale Watkins

You can try negotiating with an insurance company when you are injured by another person in an accident. You might get a settlement offer, but this is usually much lower than what you would get if you have a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are interested in settling matters quickly, and you will likely get an offer that is tempting enough for you to consider it. A personal injury attorney takes a careful look at the merits of your case and will determine if an offer is reasonable or you should pursue further compensation for the injuries you have. Work with an attorney to prove the extent of your injuries and get the compensation you deserve.

Going Over Your Personal Injury Case

When you work with a personal injury attorney, you can talk over the details of your case to figure out what reasonable compensation would look like. If you have already received a settlement offer, bring this with you to an initial consultation. The offer is likely much lower than what you would get when an attorney negotiates on your behalf. Your attorney will look over your medical records, the extent of your injuries and your losses to come up with a potential value for your case. If your settlement offer and potential value are wide apart, it's time for your attorney to start negotiating on your behalf.

Proving Your Losses to Strengthen Your Case

In order to prove the extent of your injuries, you have to be able to show what you have lost because of the accident. This means you will need to go to medical appointments and follow through with specialist referrals. The treatment providers you see will document what is going on with your injuries and the extent of your healing. If you reach a medical end to treatment, it is your medical providers who will state this and be able to show the reasons why. Your personal injury representation will encourage you to work with your treatment providers and always go in for a consultation if new symptoms come up.

A personal injury attorney can help you figure out whether you should pursue your case further or take the settlement offered to you. By carefully looking at your injuries and the details of the accident, your attorney will gain a better understanding of what your case is worth. When you have been injured, you deserve to be compensated for your losses.


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