Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Was Your Spouse Killed By An Employee Mistake At Work? Get A Lawyer Today

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If your spouse got trapped at work and was killed by impact or suffocation, you want to call wrongful death accident lawyers right away. Even if the event was an accident, if poor preparations, employee skills, or faulty equipment caused your spouse's death, you need to have legal representation for a case.

Your lawyer will want to start the case evaluation and gather evidence before too much time passes. Meet with your wrongful death lawyer about the following different things relevant to your case.

Cause of Death

The lawyer needs a lot of information about the case and the cause of death. This information needed includes:

  • Autopsy report of death
  • Employer incident report
  • Explanation from other employees and eyewitnesses
  • Video footage of the event
  • Reasoning the death occurred

The lawyers will want to know everything about the facility, the staff, and the equipment, and they will compile all of this with the coroner's report to determine what was the cause of death and if the death could have been prevented.

Employer Liability

With the gathered evidence, legal professionals will decide if the employer is liable for the death. If their equipment was part of the problem, the staff members weren't properly trained, or they had your spouse doing something they weren't qualified to do or shouldn't have been doing, these could all be reasons why you have a case. You need to prove it's the employer's fault, or the fault of the property and staff, that your spouse is now dead.

Financial Information for the Case

The financial information for the case is important because you now have a lifetime ahead of you without your spouse. When going for a settlement, the lawyer will consider these costs:

  • A lifetime of wages lost
  • Funeral and burial or cremation expenses
  • Mental grief
  • Life without a spouse or parent

The lawyer will total all of this when they are getting ready to compile a case together and as they start to file the wrongful death lawsuit.

It can be hard to think about legal matters when you have just lost your spouse, but it's important to get the case in motion as quickly as you are able so that there isn't any information that gets lost for the case. Meet with a lawyer who has done these cases in the past, so you can get experienced advice and information right away about your case.


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