Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Severe Harm Your Child Might Suffer After A Canine Attacks Them And How To Help Them Get Justice

Dale Watkins

Canines can be great companions to your child, especially during playtime. However, some of them can turn against your kid or attack them unexpectedly. This can result in your child suffering severe bodily harm that may have long-term consequences on their life. Significantly, if the attack happened because of someone else's negligence, you might have a right to sue the wrongdoer. Keep reading to recognize the severe harm your child may suffer after an attack by a canine and how you can help them get justice.

Injuries Kids May Suffer After a Canine Attacks Them

Adults are in a better position to protect themselves if canines attack them. Sometimes, this helps reduce the severity of their injuries. However, many kids cannot defend themselves from an attack by a dog because of their weight and size. This is why they typically suffer more severe harm if canines bite or scratch them. Usually, these injuries are on the head and face, sometimes resulting in disfigurement or scarring. Attacks can also cause bone fractures and soft tissue, muscle, or nerve damage. Moreover, flashbacks of the attack cause some kids to suffer psychological problems.

These injuries can affect your child in different ways, including their mobility. Psychological problems may also make it difficult for your child to perform well in school. The attack is also likely to affect you adversely because you have to make sure your child's treatment expenses are covered. You might also have to stop working to care for your little one. It is important to note that the person responsible for the attack should take full responsibility for the losses suffered from the incident. Therefore, if you pay for any services from your pocket, you should claim the money back by filing a lawsuit. A dog bite attorney can help you get back every coin you spend and any other payments you deserve.

Pursuing Justice After an Attack

The offender may deny responsibility for the attack to avoid compensating you. Therefore, you need to prepare a strong case that will enable you to prove that they were fully responsible. Your lawyer will prepare and file the claim for you, ensuring that they provide sufficient evidence to prove wrongdoing. They will then fight rigorously to help ensure that your child gets justice.

A canine can make your child suffer severe injuries that might affect them for a long time. However, if this happens, you can help them get justice by suing the wrongdoer. To this end, a dog bite attorney can help you file a claim under your state laws to help ensure that the wrongdoer faces justice and compensates you for your losses. Reach out to a local law firm, such as Adler Law Group, LLC, to learn more.


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