Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Can You Fight Your DUI Charges?

Dale Watkins

For a quick answer, yes, you can fight your DUI (driving under the influence) charges — and better still, you can win. You have a good chance of having your charges reduced or having them dropped completely. Follow the advice below for the best chance of beating your DUI charges.

Get Out of Jail

In most cases, those charged with DUI are eligible for bail. If you remain in jail, you have little to no privacy to fight your case. You should get bailed out as soon as possible so that you can keep your job, attend school, and spend time with your family while you prepare to fight your DUI charges.

Get a Lawyer

You will need help if you are to beat the charges. Once bailed out, speak to a DUI criminal defense lawyer who has experience with DUI cases. DUI lawyers understand how the system works at your local courthouse. They know the judges and prosecutors, and they have personal knowledge of what you can expect with your case.

They also know what defenses to use to get your charges dropped or lowered. DUI cases use evidence gathered by law enforcement to prosecute defendants. The quality of the evidence may be lacking, however. Your lawyer will know where the vulnerabilities lie with the state's case against you.

For example, the breathalyzer results may be inaccurate because the machine missed its recent calibration procedure. This and other forms of evidence listed below can be questioned and challenged until the state has little or no case to fight.

  • Roadside sobriety testing results
  • Blood draw results
  • Reasonable cause for the stop is invalid
  • Miranda warning not read

Take Proactive Steps

Your lawyer may also advise you to take steps to help offset your DUI charges. If you were drinking and driving, for instance, you can only help yourself and your case by seeking treatment. Begin attending Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings and get a signature before you leave the meeting. You can also seek professional mental health counseling or go to an inpatient treatment center for alcohol addiction. Taking steps like that shows the judge you are taking the situation seriously and that you want to make the changes necessary.

No matter what defense strategy your lawyer uses, you need the help and support of a legal professional to get through this situation. You could be facing jail time, large fines, probation, and a loss of driving privileges. Speak to a defense law firm such as Frenkel & Frenkel to find out more.


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