Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Why You Should Settle For More After A Car Accident

Dale Watkins

Too many car accident victims settle for less after an accident. From tricky accident adjusters to victims who are desperate for funds, there are many reasons why victims can get less money. Don't let a too-small settlement happen to you. Read on for what you need to know about accident settlements and settling for more.

Settle the Case

You may have heard the term "settlement" regarding car accident cases. It means that the victim accepts a sum of money and then the case is dropped. If a case does not settle, then it may go before a judge and jury to be decided in court. Settlements are quicker and easier to cope with than court. However, victims don't always get what they should when they agree to a settlement.

They Call You

Often, the other driver's insurer will be aware that you are not at fault and that they will need to pay for certain damages. However, the insurer also knows that many victims are still hurt and confused after an accident. That can result in an early phone call and a request to answer a few questions about the accident and your injuries. Before you speak to anyone about a possible settlement, make sure you have recovered enough to think clearly. 

They Entice You

You may be shocked at how financially devastating a car accident can be. Many victims are in poor health and not ready to go back to work right away. That lost income leaves a hole in their budget and unfortunately creates a circumstance where they can be offered less than they deserve from the other driver's insurer. You may be enticed by offers of money; some victims don't think twice about it and they end up signing a release. That frees the other insurer from responsibility and leaves the victim with some money to pay bills. However, they are probably only being paid a fraction of what they deserve.

Seek Help

Victims cannot expect to know all about how settlements work after an accident. That is why leaving things up to a legal expert is such a good idea. They not only know how much you should be paid for your damages, but they also know how to negotiate with the insurer to get you that money quickly. Make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer and bring your medical information with you. Your lawyer will look at the facts of your case and together you will arrive at a sum of money you will demand from the other side.

You have a right to be paid what you deserve. Speak to an injury lawyer to find out more.  


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