Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

What To Expect From Your Upcoming Personal Injury Deposition

Dale Watkins

A deposition is designed to get as much information out of a person as possible regarding an incident. Due to this, anything and everything that is said during the deposition is important. More often than not, the deposition is recorded by a professional court reporter. In some cases, the depositions are video-recorded to be re-watched at a later date. Keep reading to learn a bit more about what you can expect.

Who Will Be in the Room?

Usually, these interviews are held in a professional office or conference room as opposed to a courtroom. The individuals that are present during a deposition are the attorneys for both sides and a court reporter, along with the possibility of an insurance representative and assistant attorneys. You should not expect the individual who is filing the case against you to be present.

What Kind of Personal Information Will Be Asked About?

During a deposition, you will be asked a variety of personal questions. These personal questions will include anything from your name and address to relevant background information. Most of these are simple questions and are just focused on getting the interview started while gathering some basic details.

Will You Be Asked About Your Prior Health?

Once the deposition starts, you will be asked about your previous health before the incident. The questions you will be asked will be in great detail, as the interviewer will be trying to determine if your injuries could have been a result of or been impacted by a pre-existing condition. You are likely to also be asked about your previous lifestyle and activity level, as this will help get a clearer picture of your health before and after the incident.

What Should You Do About Injury and Accident Questions?

The interviewer will ask you questions about the accident as well as about the injuries that you sustained from the accident. You will be asked how the accident occurred, what injuries you sustained, how the injuries have impacted your life, what medical treatment you have received thus far, how your recovery is coming along, and more. It is important that you are as honest as possible about the answers that you give. If you are uncertain about the answer to a specific question, make sure to say so. You do not want to make assumptions or guess when you cannot recall something. Simply state that you do not know or that you are unable to remember. Always stick to the facts.

This is just a brief look at what you can expect from a personal injury deposition. For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to get started on your case and prepare for your interview.


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