Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Why Aggressive Driving Is More Likely to Lead to Accidents

Dale Watkins

Drivers are supposed to drive defensively and safely. Aggressive driving can lead to more accidents especially when aggressive driving crosses over into the territory of reckless driving. There are several reasons why a car accident lawyer might highlight that the other driver was aggressive when pursuing legal action. 

Aggressive Drivers Are Often in a Hurry 

Aggressive drivers are often in a hurry. This can often lead to speeding or risky behavior such as running red lights. Drivers who are in a hurry because they are late are more likely to be focused on the fact that they are late and may not notice your vehicle.

Angry Driving

A driver does not necessarily have to be angry at you. For example, a driver might be arguing with a significant other and this may lead to more angry and aggressive driving. The arguing might also take the driver's eyes off the road long enough to cause an accident. Under these circumstances, the driver should pull into a parking spot and calm down before getting back on the road.

In other cases, the driver might be angry at you and may engage in aggressive behavior. One of the most common examines is tailgating if the driver believes you are going to slow. Or, the driver might try to block you from passing by speeding up or driving erratically. 

Accidental Aggressive Driving

The driver does not have to purposefully engage in aggressive driving to be considered at fault. For example, the driver might be talking on a cell phone and may accidentally accelerate. You will want to write down everything you experience with an aggressive driver because this information will be helpful when trying to prove that the other driver was negligent.

Aggressive Driving and Negligence

In some cases, aggressive driving can be considered a crime. However, even if a particular case of aggressive driving does not lead to the driver being charged, you may still be able to make a case that the driver was negligent and that the negligence led to your accident. Even if the driver denies that they were being aggressive, your attorney may be able to prove your version of the events.

By being able to prove that the other driver was negligent, you will then be able to make a case for why you deserve compensation for any damages you have suffered from your accident. This can include not only damages done to your car, but lost wages, and medical bills.


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