Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

The Role Of A Deposition In An Auto Accident Case

Dale Watkins

If you are unable to negotiate a settlement with an auto accident attorney, you may choose to file a lawsuit with the help of an auto accident attorney. When you choose to do this, your attorney might then engage in a deposition. 

What to Expect From a Deposition

During the deposition stage of your lawsuit, your attorney will make sure that you are prepared for your own deposition. You will be sent a written interrogatory that will request that you explain how the accident occurred and what damages you have suffered. Your deposition will be scheduled for a particular time and location. You will want to ask your attorney about how you should respond.

Your deposition will be scheduled at a specific time, date, and location. The deposition is meant to cover in more detail the information that was covered through the interrogatory. It will likely take place in a law office or in the place of business of a court reporter. The individuals who are likely to be in your room include the opposing counsel, a court reporter and your attorney.

The Discussion About Your Auto Accident

You will want to discuss the auto accident in a manner that helps highlight how the other party is responsible for the accident. However, you will not want to make any statements that are not truthful because this might hurt your case. For example, if you were cited for speeding, you will not want to neglect to mention this.

After the Deposition

The insurance provider of the negligent party might decide to offer a larger settlement amount after the deposition. At this point, you may decide with your lawyer whether the settlement amount will be worth it or whether you should see the lawsuit to its conclusion. A settlement is cheaper for you, but is only worthwhile if the settlement offer is much higher than what you would receive after winning a lawsuit. Lawsuits are also much more stressful.

If the defense doesn't want to settle your case, you will proceed with the lawsuit. Whether or not the other party will be considered guilty and what damages you will be awarded will be based on the judge presiding over the case and a jury if you choose to have a jury trial. You have the right to a jury trial, but your auto accident attorney will inform you about what the best option is.

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