Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

3 Ways Personal Injury Lawyers Can Protect Dogs Following A Dog Bite

Dale Watkins

If your dog has just bit a person, you may know that owners are usually held responsible and that dogs do not always get the fair end of the deal. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your dog's future? Thankfully, personal injury lawyers can also help the defendant and make sure that the victim does not walk away without blame.

Dog Was Provoked

Dogs generally are not violent by nature, and clear-cut provocation will usually clear your dog's name. These types of cases include victims who are attacked after hitting or teasing a dog. There are other ways to provoke a dog that people overlook. Dogs can be territorial, so if someone comes near your dog when they are on a chain, around food, or on their beds, they may attack. Also, dogs may feel provoked if they are touched when they are in pain or you accidentally step on their tail. These are more common with young children not understanding how to properly behave around the four-legged family members.


As mentioned above, dogs can be territorial. If someone comes onto your territory without your permission, dogs may attempt to protect you and attack. As long as your dog remained on your property and there was a warning posted, there should be no problems in proving the victim broke the law before the bite. However, it is a good idea to have a defense lawyer review the case to make sure your pet and family are protected.

Put Self in Danger

Another common dog bit occurrence is when people tend to injured animals or intervene with dog fights. Veterinarians generally understand that dog bites come with the territory of the job. However, pet sitters and people who work in kennels are also around dogs in high-stress environments. You may not be completely responsible if your pup nips people when they are stressed out, but you will need to have a lawyer assist you with defending the case.

Before you sign any papers or agree to any settlement, speak to a personal injury lawyer and let them look over the case. Each state handles dog bites differently, and even if your dog is classified as a dangerous breed, both you and they have rights. Even if your pup is found at fault, an attorney can ensure that you are penalized in a just manner. Contact a lawyer for personalized guidance.


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