Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

Helpful Legal Advice Auto Accident Attorneys Recommend For Collisions

Dale Watkins

The roads can be pretty chaotic at times, with accidents happening every single day. If you're hit by another driver, then the best way to respond according to auto accident attorneys is to take these actions. 

Wait for the Police

So that this auto collision can be officially documented, you need to wait until the police arrive. Don't just try working it out with the other driver, especially if they are clearly at fault and caused a lot of damage.

Once an officer arrives, explain to them exactly what happened. Be as thorough as you can be and then make sure you get a copy of the statement. You can then use it as evidence should you decide to take the driver that hit you to court at a later date. Also have any witnesses that saw the accident give their official statements.

Be Prepared for Insurance Companies

After a collision, you'll be receiving calls from the insurance companies that represent you and the other driver. Before talking to any adjusters, though, it's a good idea to take some time to think about what happened.

If you can, write down the accident from your perspective. Then when adjusters call in, you can just read off this script and give everything the adjusters need to move forward. Most importantly, you won't come off as nervous or say something that may jeopardize your personal injury claim in any way. 

Seek Medical Treatment

If the auto collision was pretty bad, then you may be injured. Instead of just trying to push through, it's important that you seek medical treatment right away. You need to make sure there are no internal injuries that you may not be able to spot at the moment.

Also, you need to have your injuries documented. The medical practitioner that examines you will detail the injuries you have and the treatments for them. This information will be extremely valuable should you take the other driver to court for negligence. An auto accident attorney can use these medical statements to build an effective case and get you justice.

Auto accidents happen every single day because the roads can be unpredictable at times. If you're ever on the receiving end of an auto collision, just remember what auto accident attorneys recommend as far as your response. You can then better approach this auto collision from a legal standpoint. Contact an auto accident attorney for additional information.


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