Evaluating Your Options

Evaluating Your Options

How Do Slip And Falls Happen And Why Should A Lawyer Get Involved?

Dale Watkins

Were you aware of the seriousness of slip and fall accidents? A simple slip would not seem like a major problem to most people, but falling and landing a certain way could lead to real injuries that take time to recover from.

The Many Reasons Why These Accidents Occur

Slip and falls will often occur because of negligence. If a pedestrian is walking down the block, walking around a store, or even moving around inside of a restaurant, they would expect to be able to do so safely. However, certain conditions could create greater risks for pedestrians. Those conditions include:

  • Wet floors inside stores and office buildings
  • Accumulation of ice and snow outside of a property after a storm
  • Ripped up and uneven carpeted floor inside a home or office building
  • Uneven concrete on the sidewalk

Poor conditions increase the risk of injuries for pedestrians, bicyclists, and shoppers or guests who are entering different establishments, such as movie theaters, restaurants, and offices.

The Purpose of Getting a Lawyer Involved

It is often necessary to get a lawyer involved when an accident like this leads to various injuries. While some people can slip and sustain only minor injuries, such as a few scrapes and bruises on their knees, others can endure some painful and traumatic injuries. The types of injuries that come from a slip and fall incident vary from one person to the next, but common serious injuries include:

  • Fractured wrists and/or arms
  • Head trauma
  • Knee dislocation
  • Herniated disc
  • Spine damage

What happens when a victim suffers from more severe injuries is that the individual needs to receive medical care and will likely spend a few days or weeks in the hospital. During this time, the victim is going through physical pain, losing out on income from work, and trying to recover from the fall. Getting a lawyer involved is necessary when the injured victim wants to file a lawsuit. A lawsuit may be filed against a business owner, property owner, or anyone else who was liable for the incident because of negligence. The slip and fall lawyer works to get money for the victim that would come from the liable individual(s) and their insurance company.

Slip and falls can happen for plenty of reasons. If people do not take certain steps to reduce or even eliminate potential hazards, pedestrians can slip and get hurt. If a pedestrian endures serious injuries, they may then want to hire a lawyer and file a civil lawsuit in which they will attempt to get compensated for countless damages.


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